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Photo Credit Santiago Leveling

Samsam Yung

Samsam's mentors past and present include Diane McCarthy, Oliver Steele, Guido Tuveri, Jennifer Nugent, Tiffany Mills and Korhan Basaran. After a 10 years hiatus, Samsam came back to the dance world. In 2012, she performed for Stephanie Landouer and for the Nimbus Dance Works. In 2013, she was in Pavel Zustiak’s ensemble in “The Painted Bird” and Jacklyn Buglisi’s “Table of Silence”.  While actively dancing and learning from other artists, Samsam has also been working on her own work. Her first piece “R…e…” was shown at DNA in Jan 2013. Her second piece “Neither Nor Both” was shown at the Brooklyn Music School in June 2013. Samsam joined DanceAction in the summer of 2013 and has worked with the company for 3 seasons.

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