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Upcoming Events 

Choreographic Opportunities

Accepting applications this summer until July 1st!

DanceAction Garden Space

Upper West Side, New York, NY


DanceAction Garden Series is a performance event that brings together artists from diverse disciplines to showcase short works rooted in practices of improvisation and spontaneous composition. On Friday evenings in June, July, August, and September, this event will showcase four to six short performance pieces at its new garden performance venue in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Artist Carmen Caceres and her husband open their home for an evening of improvisation, performing arts, and summer celebration!

We are receiving applications for artists to present short performance works that explore improvisation and instant composition in all kinds of artistic disciplines—dance, music, theater, clown, stand-up comedy, and more—to perform at DanceAction’s Garden Space in the summer of 2024. Performances will be held on selected Fridays in June, July, August, and September. Tentative performance dates are Friday, June 21, June 28, July 15, August 2, August 9, and September 13, 2024. *Dates are subject to change for inclement weather.

Interested applicants need to complete the application form and indicate all the dates they are available to participate. 

Selected artists will be invited to present work at DanceAction's Garden Space for one evening. The venue is a low-tech outdoor sprung wooden dance floor of 16 x 12 feet with a seating capacity for 25 guests located in an apartment garden in the Upper West Side of Manhattan (near West 90th Street and Columbus). Eligible works should last between 5 and 12 minutes and have no more than 3 performers per piece. The floor is perfect for barefoot dancing, sliding, rolling, turning, and jumping. Tap shoes or any other footwear that could leave marks on the floor are not allowed. Our technical capabilities include: 

A Music Amplifier with ¼ inch Cable, A Wireless Microphone, A Wireless headset, Decorative Outdoor Lights, A Small LED Spotlight, and A 24 LED Par Light.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Only one work per presenting artist

  • Work Duration: Solo works up to 7 minutes / 2 to 3 people up to 12 minutes

  • Works are rooted in improvisation and spontaneous composition 

  • Works don't need to be finished pieces, and we encourage artists to present pieces at any stage of development

  • Artists are expected to bring a minimum of 3 guests to their performance


Artists Receive:

  • Opportunity to perform at a beautiful outdoor venue during the summer and fall 

  • Opportunity to show your creative research at any stage of development 

  • Video Recording of the piece

  • 2 hours of complimentary rehearsal space at DA Garden 

  • Proceeds from the Donation Box (shared between all presenting artists of the evening)


To apply, complete the form below and include a video sample of your artistic work, your bio, social media handle, and share how this opportunity will serve your artistic practice. 

Please contact Carmen Caceres at for any questions about this performance series and the application process.

Deadline to Apply: July 1st, 2024, at 11:59 pm.

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