About DanceAction

DA participated in numerous festivals and performance series in New York, such as Performance Studio Open House (PSOH) at Center for Performance Research, Take Root at Green Space Studio, Open Performance for Movement Research, Under Exposed at Dixon Place, and SharedSpace at the Mark Morris Dance Center.

In January 2018 DA produced an entire evening of works inspired by political activism and social justice at the Center for Performance Research,

in Brooklyn, NY. DA's work BLINDSPOT received a Grant from Brooklyn Arts Fund. Most recently, DA was an Artist in Residence at the Center at West Park, premiering their new work "Welcome to Imagi*Nation" during the Virtual Residency Program on April 2021.​

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Photo Credit Brandon Perdomo

DanceAction is a contemporary dance company based in New York, led by Argentinian choreographer Carmen Caceres. Our culturally diverse team is comprised of artists from several disciplines such as dance, music, drama, media and visual arts. Together we create dance works that reflect social realities that concern people, relationships, and social justice. Our primary purpose is to interpret these issues and use our works to propel change.


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Photo Credit Brandon Perdomo

DA has also been invited to international dance festivals in different cities. Its first full-length work, “Game Night” was part of the First International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City (FIDCDMX), taking place in August 2016. On July 2018, the company participated at the International Contemporary Dance Festival and Campus “Ticino in Danza” in Ticino, Switzerland, performing

“2 Minutes Hate.” The company also presented this thought provoking piece in October 2018, at “Women Center Stage Festival – Directors Weekend II,” organized and curated by Culture Project.