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Martin Fuks 

Martin dedicated his career to expanding and pushing the limits, between disciplines, between genres, between languages, inducing to the cross-pollination of experiences and techniques, people, and concepts. I was part of the “mestizaje” movement that started in Barcelona in the 1990s, a local reflection of a global movement towards the blending of traditional art forms (or music genres, in our case), with the new tendencies coming from a global emerging language, led in the music realm by the expansion of the so-called “electronic music.” At that point, people from all over the world came to the city, releasing a powerful stream of creativity that expanded beyond the boundaries of Europe, and granted me the opportunity to create for, or along with, highly renowned personalities, such as David Byrne or Oscar winner director Gabriele Salvatores. I’ve also ventured into more experimental territories while creating music and sound for contemporary dance companies, composing and producing music for film, and creating electronic art pieces. 

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