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Mar Orozco Arango

Mar (Artistic Associate | Dancer) is an international circus and dance artist currently based in NYC. She has studied various forms of movement throughout her life, including several sports, ethnic dances, contemporary dance forms, Yoga, and some circus disciplines. She enjoys the shared experience a performer and an audience member have during a live show and strives to augment it and make it as unique as possible. As a dancer and circus artist, she has performed in most of the theaters and performance venues around New York City; showing both her own work as well as that of a number of choreographers and producers. And, as a Yoga teacher, she constantly leads classes and workshops for all sorts of students. She received her BFA in Dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts, spent a year in Israel furthering her dance studies, has trained with some of the most prominent circus artists around the world, and has studied Yoga for over 15 years. 

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