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Lauren Hlubny

Lauren is the NYC Artistic Director of the Franco-American company Danse Theatre Surreality ( Hlubny's work centers on image-as-metaphor, physicality, social justice, and interdisciplinary communication, and her research focuses on the intersection of movement and storytelling. Hlubny has been invited to share works in France, Italy, Seattle, San Francisco, Birmingham, Knoxville, New Orleans, Portland, and in museums nationwide, including the Dali Museum. Hlubny studies Martial Arts and Anthropology in New York City, where she works as a director who originates works at venues such as Joe’s Pub, Triskelion, The Kraine, Shetler Studios, TADA! Youth Theater, Mark Morris, and La MaMa. Fascinated by multifaceted productions, combat, and consent, Hlubny also enjoys working as a dramaturg and acting coach for choreographers and as a choreographer for theatre and opera. Hlubny will be an artist-in-residence for her piece īs, a dance concerto this August at the Shed Seattle, and worked as dramaturg for Dance Action’s latest work, Welcome to Imagi*Nation, directed and choreographed by Carmen Caceres.

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