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An interactive dance performance that explores the behavior of people in relation to the elements of chance and choice, and how these elements shape human relationships. The capacity of making choices defines us as human beings. Therefore, this space for choice and indeterminacy within the piece allows dancers to be themselves, fully present in the action.

Choreography: Carmen Caceres

(in collaboration with the dancers)

Dancers: Cuong Huy Nguyen, Nicole Jones,

Paige Brigante, & Thomas Gunderson Bond

Singers: Sofia Juan & Larry Discenza

Music Selection & Arrangements: Carmen Caceres, Cuong Huy Nguyen, & Juan Sebastian Vasallo

Costumes: Carmen Caceres & Paige Brigante

Video Editing: Sriya Sarkar

Video: Harsha DeSilva






Premiered at Dixon Place for Crossing Boundaries Series

Premiered at Center for Performance Research for Binary Series

Center for Performance Research | Brooklyn, NY | December 2015

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