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Inspired by a true story of imprisonment, this work is an abstract portray of a family living between four walls. The flexible structure of the choreography, allows the performers to make choices during the execution of the piece.

Choreography: Carmen Caceres

(in collaboration with the dancers)

Dancers: Ana Romero, Maite Bou, Osamu Uehara, Michael De Roos, Alessia Della Casa, Rachael MacLeod, Stacey Jardine, Heather Currie, Dominique Sophie Sarrazin, Carmen Caceres, & Richard Scandola

Music: Sergio R. Reyes & Emilio Teubal

Song by: Judy Christopherson   

Played by: Michael De Roos








Premiered at Dixon Place for Crossing Boundaries Series

Dixon Place | New York, NY | October 2011

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