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About Zamba
"About Zamba" is a live performance that combines improvisational dance and storytelling. Growing up in Argentina there were things in my culture that were foreign to me even there, one of them is Zamba, a couple’s folk dance. It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I finally had the chance to explore this dance. In this process I learned a lot of things about dance, culture, language, and communication. This piece is about my experience as an immigrant, discovering my roots from far away.

Choreography/Direction: Carmen Caceres

Performer: Carmen Caceres

Music: "Luna Tucumana" by Atahualpa Yupanqui

Interpreted by Mercedes Sosa

"Zamba para la viuda" by Gustavo Lequizamón Interpreted by Pablo Marquez

"Barro Tal Vez" by Luis Alberto Spinetta

Interpreted by Cande Buasso & Paulo Carrizo 

Video Editing: Carmen Caceres








Presented at Dåncēhølø at H0L0

Brooklyn, NY | September 2019

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